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Build a Custom Gift Box

Curate your very own gift box full of your favorite locally made Martha's Vineyard items, hand packaged in our exclusive MVM wooden boxes that make for a great keepsake!

Our online box customization is an easy way to make a big impact with your gift giving this year.  Start curating your custom gift below. 


Once you've built your box, you can add it to your cart as many times as you'd like. Ordering a Bridesmaid or Groomsman gift? Company gifts? Curate once and order a dozen! If you have a large order (5 or more identical boxes) and would like them all shipped to different addresses, you can put a note in your order and we will be in touch, or just give us a call to handle it all over the phone! Happy Giving! 

Too many choices wearing you out? Head over to our pre-designed gift boxes to give a gift curated by us and sure to impress.